Don’t play “what font do I use today?” Let Matt take that off your hands.

Matt attended a design college for 6 months when he was in his teens and spent all his time hacking into the director’s computer because they wouldn’t give him access to Illustrator. Nevertheless, he has been designing for over 20 years for various clients.
Comfortable in both corporate and more casual atmospheres, Matt is able to take care of your design needs, from flyers, CD covers and posters, packaging, business cards, letterheads and logos.

Bespoke – Chai Tea
Logo and packaging design

The Art Of Scott Woodhouse – Exhibition
Promotional poster design

Messe Sans Regretz – Brooke Shelley
Limited Edition orchestral score folder design.

Holy Saviour School
Logo and stationary design

Petulant Frenzy – Zappa Tribute Act
Poster Design

Petulant Frenzy – Zappa tribute Act
Logo design

Huxwhukw Remixed – Serious Beak
Online only remix compilation design and artwork

Hymnarium – Resonaxis
CD Booklet, case and label design