Matt has friends. No… really! And they deserve love too.

Petulant Frenzy is Australia’s best Frank Zappa tribute act. Having played for over 20 years to the good folk of Australia, they know what the punters want – mostly for them to jus shut up and play the damn songs. 10 guys and gals who want to get Frank’s music out into the world in the way he would have wanted it. Matt sings for them and also provides arrangements and transcriptions.
How about seeing Petulant Frenzy live, for free, on this very computer device you’re looking at now? Check this out!
To contact, hire or find out where they are playing, please get thyself to Petulant Frenzy on Facebook.
Chantel once took some pics of my band, Petulant Frenzy, that were really good. We used them for promotion for a few weeks, then a few people left the band, a few people joined and the shot didn’t represent us anymore. That reminds me, we have to get her back!
Chantel did all the photography for this site and can even make you look good too! Check her out for weddings, live gigs, promo shoots, anything you can put in front of a lens. Top class chick too!
AIM is a fine institute of higher learning. How does Matt know that? Well, he studied there and knows that the school is not only fantastic, but has great lecturers and a studio that will cover all of your recording needs. Hit them up for any information on music studies you wish to start. Tell them I sent you and get a discount*!
*Please note, discount may not actually exist – but they may treat you with a little more pity.
Greg is a writer, educator, traveller and sound recordist with over 30 years of experience. He has also had extensive live sound mixing experience. Greg has taken more than 70 people on sound expeditions through India, Nepal, Borneo, Tibet, Burma/Myanmar and beyond, leading groups of sound engineers, students, musicians and adventurers through these fascinating cultures and terrains. Looking for something new and exciting? Have a sense of adventure? Interested in the music of other cultures? Join him on a once-in-a-lifetime sound expedition to record the music and sounds of another culture by starting with a click here! Greg holds a Grand Master in Dad Jokes, and is particularly fond of writing about himself in the third person.
Les is not only a genius guitar player, but he repairs the damn things as well. And not just guitars! All kinds of stringed things. Like a pro! Which he is! Seriously, the man knows frets like no other – go and get your guitar set up or sorted out or whatever you want!
A local label with a difference – they care. No really! Home to an army of releases covering a swath of genres. Matt’s favourites include Serious Beak, Facemeat, Instrumental (adj.), Killsong and Brian Campeau. A lot of seriously brilliant, local music.
Joel Lambeth is a talented collage artist, working for decades in the field. From social commentary to geometric shapes, Joel see’s the world in small, cut-out chunks – “ripped straight from the magazines of today!” You can buy his pieces, like the one hanging on my wall, from his online store, or you can wish you did ten years down the line. Your choice.
This site wouldn’t exist without my brother, James Drury – who runs an advertising agency in Brisbane and is producing high quality corporate websites to people very unlike me. The boy knows his craft when it comes to web design and advertising.
Davis Lewis is a fine writer, a beloved lecturer at AIM, a player of various stringed instruments and an all ’round good bloke. If you need any of those things, you could do worse than head to his Facebook page, where dreams really do come true, especially those that involve mandolins, folk music and random music ephemera.