When there’s no room left on this site, the odds and sods will walk the earth.

Matt can provide copy for an ad, essay-style writing, or just your general, run-of-the-mill bon mot. He uses a computer and his brain box (with additional Fingers™ add-on) to put words in people’s heads and let them know what he’s thinking.
You can read a little of Matt’s writing here on Toppermost.com, where he has a few large pieces.
Matt has spent a lot of time living in Sibelius; notating, transcribing and arranging for various ensembles. He can do that for you too. You know…. if you like.
Somedays, the mundane micromanagement neccesary in a DAW is just too much. Matt can take care of that! Conversant in Pro Tools, Logic and Reason, it’s no problem for him to get those small things organised.
Matt has trained in acoustics and has been involved in several studio builds and refittings. He can do the basic modelling and acoustic evaluation of a room, consult with those that have a budget (big or small) and suggest acoustic-friendly solutions for your audio and design needs.
As long as they come in black.
What with all the music Matt will be recording for you, and the resultant artwork he’ll be putting together for the world-beating musical package you’ve created, you’ll also need to promote it a bit. And what better way to do that than to get Matt to put together a working website for you? You need an example? You’re looking at it. All his own work, except for the photographs, which are by Chantel Bann.
Petulant Frenzy is Australia’s best Frank Zappa tribute act. 10 guys and gals who want to get Frank’s music out into the world in the way he would have wanted it. Matt sings for them and also provides arrangements and transcriptions.
How about seeing Petulant Frenzy live, for free, on this very computer device you’re looking at now? Check this out!
To contact, hire or find out where they are playing, please get thyself to Petulant Frenzy on Facebook.
Matt got introduced to dance music in the halcyon rave days of the late 80’s/early 90’s. He started DJing and producing soon after. Since then, he’s DJ’d many events big and small and plays anything from house and techno to drum and bass and oldschool rave, rock and general weirdness, whatever the listeners desire.
You can hear some mixes on his Mixcloud page or contact him to book.