Looking for original material?

If you’re in need of original music, Matt can take care of that. Having written in many styles and formats over the decades, he has built up a range of compositional abilities to cover what you need. Starting in original and cover bands in his teens and continuing to this day, he has written pop, rock, punk, ballads, folk, dance, country and many more.
He’s also happy to arrange and rearrange tracks and parts for you. That song needing a string section and you don’t know how to go about that? Be happy, You’re here now!
With no allegiance to any genre, Matt is happy to attack any style.

SLEEPY – Pants

Melodic, slow-paced ballad.
From the album “General Malarkey,” available now on iTunes

FANCY THAT! – bside

Quirky, bouncey, underground club house with ravey overtones.