Your friend in the world of Photoshop.

Matt has been working with Photoshop since version 1. That’s right, way back in the WayBack machine. Since then he’s touched pretty much everything you can with a Wacom pen. And then he’s touched them again.
See what I did there… touched, and touched again…. re-touched… never mind.
Matt has worked for many prominent magazines, advertising agencies and print houses, all the while honing skills that make him an invaluable member of any artwork team.

Rolling Stone Australia

Ralph Magazine

Empire Australia

Men’s Style

Foxtel Australia
Walking Dead Promotion

Karen Torissi Beading
Competition submission 2011

Nectar & Co
Campaign ideas for client

Body & Soul

Shering Plough – Cepravin

Shering Plough – Clarinase
Mr Squiggle

Astra – Losec

Shering Plough Animal – Otomax
Listening Dog