Is the recording studio calling you?

Studio recording can be exciting, nerve-wracking and sometimes problematic. Matt is familiar with all aspects of the recording studio and has covered all major factors of the technical knowledge needed to get the job done, but he also concentrates on the more esoteric nature of studio life. It’s important for him to make sure the artist is comfortable and prepared to produce the best possible version of whatever is being recorded. An artist under pressure mostly doesn’t do anyone any good, so Matt tries to remove that pressure as best he can.
Matt has engineered, produced, assisted and mixed sessions that cover a wide range of genres and styles, including jazz, rock, voice-over and choirs. All needing a different approach, and all producing great results.
So if you’re in need of any of those things – recording, mixing, producing – jump over to the contacts page and flick him a message!


Written by James Williams.
Recorded at Q Studios, Sydney, 2015.
Recorded and mixed by Matt Roberts.
Produced by Matt Roberts and Trio Red

GOOD GIRLS – Taelor-Jane Hanley

Written by Taelor-Jane Hanley.
Recorded at Q Studios, Sydney – 2015.
Produced by Taelor-Jane Hanley and Matt Roberts.
Recorded (except for drums by Sivert Henriksen) and mixed by Matt Roberts.
Bass by Matt Roberts.
Mastered by Paul Blakey at 12th & Vine Post.

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